Holiday Weekends 2015-2016


If you thought 2014 was the year of Long weekends , you have a Reason to extend your celebration.

Feel Delighted, Excited, Jubilant as you scroll down  the page to see the List of Long weekends for the Year 2015 and prepare The list of Dream Destinations you would like to visit on each weekend.

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A) No-leave-needed 3 day long weekends

Jan : 

24th Jan, Sat ;

25th Jan, Sun ;

26th Jan, Mon( Republic Day)

March :

6th Mar, Fri, (Holi) ;

7th Mar, Sat;

8th Mar, Sun


2nd May, Sat ;

3rd May, Sun;

4th May, Mon,(Buddha Purnima)


25th Sep,Fri( Bakra Eid);

26th Sep, Sat;

27th Sep, Sun


2nd Oct, Fri,( Gandhi Jayanti);

3rd Oct, Sat;

4th Oct,Sun

B) No-leave-needed 4 day long weekends


2nd April, Thru, Mahavir Jayanti,

3rd April, Fri, Good Friday,

4th April, Sat

5th April, Sun


24th Dec, Barafat Id

25th Dec, Christmas 

26th Dec, Sat

27th Dec, Sun

C) 1 Day off makes 4 day long weekends

Feb : 

14th Feb, Sat

15th Feb, Sun

16th Feb, Take off

17th Feb, Mahashiv ratri

April : 

11th April, Sat

12th April, Sun

13th April, Take off

14th April, Ambedkar Jayanti

September :

17th sep, Thru, Ganesh Chaturthi

18th Sep, Fri, Take off

19th Sep, Sat

20th Sep, Sun

October :

10th Oct, Sat

11th Oct, Sun

12th Oct, Mon, Take off

13th Oct, Tues, Navratri Sathapna

D) Super Long Weekend

October :

21st Oct,Wed, Durga Ashtami/Navmi

22nd Oct, Thru, Navmi/Dusshera

23rd Oct,Fri, Take off

24th Oct, Sat

25th Oct, Sun

E) Star of the year Super Super Long weekend

November : 

7th Nov, Sat,

8th Nov, Sun

9th Nov, Mon, Dhanteras

10th Nov, Tues, Choti Diwali/ Diwali in South India

11th Nov, Wed, Diwali

12th Nov, Thrus, Govardhan Puja/  Next Day to Diwali

13th Nov, Fri, Bhai Dhuj

14th Nov, Sat,

15th Nov, Sun

Disclaimer :

This list is not conclusive and exhaustive, but Indicative as per Panchang Calender, You may check once again for yourself. Also the holidays may vary regionally in India. Muslim festivals depend on Moon sightings and may change

Hope you will enjoy reading the information and it will help you plan your vacation effectively

Happy reading and Happy holidaying


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